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Exploring the beauty of the Jesus life.

We are seekers, wrestlers, wonderers of God. Out of the hours of questioning and exploring, we wept and wondered if we even knew who God was.

And even in the flood of doubt, He showed us, in all of His glory, glimpses of His nature that we had never experienced before. Some of our ideas were changed. Some of our perspectives shifted, and we still have more to learn and more to see of who He is. But one thing is for sure – our lives and hearts are changed and our faith in Him steadfast.

It’s out of this place that we want to share the beauty of what we’ve found. You can EXPERIENCE God in the middle of your questions. You can feel His presence as you wrestle with Him. And you can do it in a place of community. You can do it here.

Ask the questions. Wrestle through the doubts. Find God in the wondering. He really is better than you think.