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[what we believe; a little insight into what makes us tic]

We believe God, a good and loving Father, created humanity for nearness with Him, and He eternally pursues us. We find our being in communion with Him, and our response to His pursuit is worship in all we do. Let the fullness of our lives be worship to you.

We believe Jesus Christ came from Heaven to earth, revealing the essence of God to humanity. He died on a cross and rose again, redeeming and restoring us to the Father, ascended to Heaven, and will return one day. It is our joyful expectation to see Him face to face and live in perfect unity with Him for eternity. Set us apart as a spotless bride as we seek you first.

We believe the Holy Spirit is present with us as we wait for Christ’s return. In every moment, the Spirit empowers us to live like Jesus – a life marked by the power of miracles and the sacrifice of love. The Spirit reveals all truth to us, and helps us share His good news. Baptize us with your Presence so we may be present with the world.

We believe His Kingdom is here, expanding, and never-ending. We are a family, a community, a unified body with individual parts, grafted into His Kingdom. Each of our stories is woven into God’s great story. Help us to honor and empower one another to bring glory to you.